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140mm closed panel system
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0.18W/m²K U-Value
0.14W/m²K U-Value
0.11W/m²K U-Value

Our 140mm closed panel system offering the ultimate in

High Thermal Efficiency

About half of MBC’s clients decide against a Passive wall solution and choose instead to build their home deploying MBC’s 140mm closed panel system, which offers our clients a variety of insulation options based around a 140mm stud timber frame.

Incorporating many of the philosophies used in the MBC Passive House solution, the 140mm thick wall Closed Panel System starts with a 0.18WW/m²K U-Value wall.  There’s a mid-range wall type delivering 0.14W/m²K U-Value and the range is completed with the “close to passive” wall type, offering an impressive 0.11W/m²K U-Value.

U-Values Explained

A U-Value is the measured heat loss through a structural element. It’s calculated by the rate at which heat transfers through 1 square metre of a structure, where the temperature difference between the inner and outer face is 1 degree Celsius. The lower the U-value, the lower the heat flow and the result is greater energy savings due to a lower amount of energy required to maintain a pleasant and constant room temperature.



0.18W/m²K U-Value

Factory fitted by MBC

0.14W/m²K U-Value

Factory fitted by MBC

0.11W/m²K U-Value

Factory fitted by MBC

Timber frame is one of the oldest forms of construction used throughout the world, as the advantages associated with this superb material are unparalleled. Modern sustainable timber frame house construction has evolved somewhat in recent years with the improvement of building regulations and energy efficiency requirements. Advances in both insulation standards and the introduction of airtight membrane and tapes, has resulted in a superior quality build method for the modern domestic home.

With innovation in material technology and the progression of manufacturing techniques, we have customised our sustainable timber frame wall systems to achieve U-Values of 0.18 W/m²K, 0.15 W/m²K and 0.12 W/m²K. Each wall system surpasses current building regulations and where applicable, passive standards* (*Refers to 300mm Passive Wall System). The following table lists the U-Values provided by the varying timber frame wall systems.

At MBC we champion this quality driven ethos, and take it to the core of our business model with the use of best practice manufacturing policies to deliver super insulated, energy efficient, sustainable timber frame houses.

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MBC specialise in the production of Timber Frame Passive Houses and High Thermal Efficiency Timber Frame Houses throughout the UK, for people looking to benefit from huge energy savings and reduce their heating demands by up to 90%.

A super insulated, timber frame house, providing exceptional energy efficiency

Designed and engineered in accordance with current building regulations

Manufactured in a controlled factory environment, ensuring superior quality craftsmanship

An affordable, competitively priced building option

Erected on site at an unparalleled rate when compared to conventional block construction

An environmentally conscious and forward thinking sustainable approach

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