Passive Concept of Airtight HomeAt MBC Timber Frame our primary goal is to promote the knowledge, understanding and utilisation of the Passive House Concept with a long-term view to standardising this building method across both the Irish and UK markets.  According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) 25,000 new homes are required to be built in Ireland in 2015 to satisfy current demand, while there is currently a shortfall of 160,000 homes in the south of England alone. Heating cost are set to rise by an estimate 7{61202672cc7a6db90e23af640e533e6b03ac74d6f30b3c3caffdd8cfa814fe3f} in 2015 bringing the average energy bill (electric/oil or gas combination) up to €2200 per household.

With the rapid growth in the demand for housing to be both affordable and energy aware, advances in technology and engineering have provided a solution in the form of the passive house concept.

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