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Heat Recovery Ventilation / MVHR

Efficient mechanical ventilation is essential in any building that utilises an
airtight passive house system as a suitable source of fresh air is required
to permeate through the house.

Efficient Mechanical Ventilation

Efficient mechanical heat recovery ventilation or MVHR as it is sometimes called, is essential in any building that utilises an airtight passive house system as a suitable source of fresh air is required to permeate through the house. While opening a window does provide a certain level of isolated ventilation, the building’s heat is quickly lost. Heat Recovery Ventilation or MVHR, is an energy recovery and heat exchange, mechanical ventilation system which provides fresh air throughout a passive house. This method of ventilation dramatically improves climate control and air quality, whilst saving significant amounts of energy by reducing heating and cooling demands.

The Heat Recovery Ventilation or MVHR system discreetly supplies a constant supply of fresh heated or cooled air, delivering superior air quality without any unpleasant draughts. This highly efficient MVHR unit allows for the heat contained within exhausted stale air, coming from rooms such as the bathrooms, and the kitchen, to be extracted, cleaned and reused to heat incoming fresh air. Within a Passive House, a minimum 75% of the heat from the exhausted stale air is transferred or ‘exchanged’ to heat the fresh inflowing air by means of the heat exchanger mechanism.

HRV heat exchange

Heat Recovery Ventilation Process

  1. Warm, stale air is drawn out from the kitchen and bathrooms so it can be directed back towards the HRV unit.
  2. Fresh, cold external air is drawn in to the HRV unit from the outside. 
  3. Heat from the warm stale air is extracted and used to heat the fresh incoming air. Importantly, this exchange of heat is achieved without crossing and mixing stale and fresh air streams with one another. The now warm fresh air is directed to the bedrooms and living area.
  4. Stale, cold air is now exhausted out of the building. 
Heat Exchange Unit

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MBC specialise in the production of Timber Frame Passive House Buildings and High Thermal Efficiency Timber Frame Houses throughout the UK, Fulfil your dream of a self built home and benefit from huge energy savings and reduce their heating demands by up to 90%. 

Passive Builds

Passive Builds

Precisely engineered Passive solutions from MBC Timber Frame requiring 90% less energy for space heating and cooling.

Near Passive

Near Passive Builds

MBC Timber Frame’s “optional levels of insulation” applied to a 140mm stud frame. 3 great options delivery differing U-Values.

Passive Foundation

Passive Foundations

The MBC Passive Foundation system, suitable for both Passive and Standard timber frame projects.


Truss and Joists

Metal web Joists and Roof Trusses available on a supply only basis for traditional build projects.

A super insulated, timber frame house, providing exceptional energy efficiency for your new home, using the best timber available

Designed and engineered in accordance with current building regulations, perfect for you self builders

Manufactured in a controlled factory environment, ensuring superior quality craftsmanship

An affordable, competitively priced building option using our timber frame kits creating luxurious living space

Erected on site at an unparalleled rate when compared to conventional block construction

An environmentally conscious and forward thinking sustainable approach for your new dream home

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