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Timber Frame is one of the oldest forms of construction used throughout the world as the advantages associated with this superb material are unparalleled.

Modern sustainable timber frame house construction has evolved somewhat in recent years with the improvement of building regulations and energy efficiency requirements. Advances in both insulation standards and the introduction of airtight membrane and tapes has resulted in a superior quality build method for the modern domestic home.

At MBC Timber Frame we champion this quality driven ethos, and take it to the core of our business model with the use of best practice manufacturing policies to deliver super insulated,energy efficient, sustainable timber frame houses.

With innovation in material technology and the progression of manufacturing techniques, we have customised our sustainable timber frame wall systems to achieve U-Values of 0.18 W/m²K, 0.15 W/m²K and 0.12 W/m²K. Each wall system surpasses current building regulations, and where applicable passive standards*(*Refers to 300mm Passive Wall System).

Timber Frame House Components


Panel Header

Closed Panel Wall Options

MBC’s 140mm closed panel system offers our clients a variety of insulation options based around a 140mm stud timber frame

Roof Trusses

Fink Roof Structure

The Fink Roof Truss is a simple webbed truss design that provides the most economical roof solution for roof structures.

Example Attic Truss

Attic Truss

The Attic Roof Truss is a design that provides a central open space that can be used to accommodate a living space or alternatively a storage space. 

Roof Truss

Roof Trusses

Here at our Gloucester  factory, MBC design, manufacture and supply, engineered roof trusses for any roofing system. 

MBC Posi Joists

Flat Roof

The Flat Roof is a roof system that provides an almost level roof configuration in contrast to the many sloped roofs.

MBC Timber Frame Roof Truss

Vaulted Roof

The Cut or Vaulted Roof is an engineered system that provides open living space directly below the roof rafters as there are no horizontal ceiling joists. 

Posi Joists

Posi Joists

Here at our Gloucester  factory, MBC design, manufacture and supply, engineered posi joists for any roofing system.

Timber Frame Services

Oak Frames

MBC Timber Frame can provide Green Oak frames and features which can be incorporated into any timber frame design.

Timber Frame House Design

Advantages of Timber Frame House Construction

Timber frame is one of the oldest forms of construction used throughout the world, dating back to the Roman and Egyptian civilizations of 500 -100 B.C. Modern timber frames have evolved somewhat in the last few decades, but the basic principles remain unchanged, reinforcing this material’s prominence. People are typically aware of timbers excellent environmental credentials, however some lesser known advantages of timber frame in construction include: 

Strength & Durability

Structural timber such as Glulam and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) can be precision engineered to rival and surpass the strength of steel and concrete, while at the same time it is far lighter in comparison. The combination of strength and lightweight lends itself to achieve larger span openings and greater design flexibility.

Speed of Construction

As the majority of the timber frame manufacturing process is executed off site, within the controlled conditions of our factory workshop, the core structure can be erected within a matter of days. The timber frame can be designed with transport and site location in mind, and therefore tailored to suit specific site conditions and locations prior to manufacture, making it the dream self build home.

Off site Manufacturing & Speed

Off site manufacturing and speed of construction / erection are often considered the most advantageous aspects of the timber frame construction motif, as the knock-on gains include significantly lower labour costs, fewer wet trades on site, and dramatically reduced waste.

Carbon Footprint

Apart from being a renewable source of material, another advantage of timber frame construction is that is has a much lower embodied energy rating in comparison to concrete and steel, as timber is classified as carbon neutral.

Carbon neutral refers to the amount of energy used to process, manufacture and deliver the timber, and how it is offset by the amount of CO2 the timber frame will absorb during it’s lifetime making it very energy efficient.

Higher Building Energy Rating

Timber frame homes also have a significantly higher Building Energy Rating (BER)when compared to masonry built projects. MBC Timber Frame only uses timber sourced from sustainably managed forests that are governed and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Life Span

Timber frame homes have the same life expectancy as a conventional masonry build, that being said it is important to note that in Ireland and the UK insurance companies, building societies and mortgage providers do not distinguish between timber frame and block built homes.

*Project size & weather condition dependent

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MBC specialise in the production of Timber Frame Passive House Buildings and High Thermal Efficiency Timber Frame Houses throughout the UK, Fulfil your dream of a self built home and benefit from huge energy savings and reduce their heating demands by up to 90%. 

MBC Timber Frame House


Having planned our house build for 3 years and finally deciding to go modern contemporary, it became obvious that we should consider a “ passive build” and being environmentally friendly.
The team at MBC provided us with good old fashioned honest advise, quotations and drawings that we could understand. One of the main benefits of MBC was they literally carried out everything from the passive slab, UFH and the frame thus easy to manage.

We worked very closely with the MBC team, and found them friendly, conscientious and very fair at all times. Every build has hiccups” we did and they were all resolved quickly and without any issue. I have recommended MBc many times and will continue to do so.

Hopefully we will build again and as such look forward to working with you again.

Peter Worthy

MBC provided a quality timber frame kit with the added guarantee of reaching excellent air tightness levels, when I compared with local builders the standards, items included and costs MBC were ahead on all fronts.

Wayne Maguire

Dealing with MBC has been a real pleasure from start to finish. “Nothing’s a problem” seems to be their motto, lots of help and useful suggestions when discussing the plans, to the standard of workmanship and helpful attitude of the site team. The MBC foundation and build part was the most stress free part of the whole build, fantastic, thank you.
Peter and Sue Purslow
Peter and Sue Purslow

We chose MBC to build our timber frame house as part of a tendering process. They scored very well on price and also supplied a passive-grade slab foundation. Throughout the design and build phases we found the whole team to be extremely skilful and very accommodating, particularly when it came to small changes due to our own oversights in the design stages. Nothing was ever a problem. Other contractors we had on the build praised the team for their workmanship and attention to detail. Were we to do it all again, we’d have no hesitation in choosing MBC.

Tony Haddon

A super insulated, timber frame house, providing exceptional energy efficiency for your new home, using the best timber available

Designed and engineered in accordance with current building regulations, perfect for you self builders

Manufactured in a controlled factory environment, ensuring superior quality craftsmanship

An affordable, competitively priced building option using our timber frame kits creating luxurious living space

Erected on site at an unparalleled rate when compared to conventional block construction

An environmentally conscious and forward thinking sustainable approach for your new dream home

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